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Freshers Week

Making the Most of Freshers' Week

It’s going to be one of the most memorable weeks of your life - buying new frying pans, unpacking boxes and adjusting to a diet of super noodles and oven chips.

With a new place to explore and plenty of new people to meet, freshers’ week is really exciting, but as a Christian it’s even better. University is an amazing time to make great friendships and share Jesus with people who have maybe never even thought of Him. So how could you kick off first year as salt and light for Jesus?

Be the difference

Spend some time getting to know your flat mates and course mates. In true student style, there will be plenty of nights out and trips to the student union bar, and though all the partying can be a bit overwhelming at times, getting involved in student social life is the best way to get to know people and start building those friendships.

Nights out are also a fantastic place to show God’s love and by simply being there for that friend who drank too much or the flat mate who didn’t have enough money for a cab home, you can be an amazing example of Jesus. So don’t be afraid to join in with the parties, be the difference and have plenty of fun at the same time!

However, freshers’ week can be a really hard time for some students. Being thrown into life in a whole new place means plenty of people feel homesick and a bit isolated, but again, that’s an amazing way to share God’s love. In my first week at university, my flatmate missed home so much she spent most of the day in her room crying, but by talking to her and cooking a meal for her with the rest of the flat, I was able to show her love in a really simple way and we have been good friends ever since. It’s all about being the example of Jesus some people have never known.

Get Involved

But the week is more than just late nights out and long days in bed. Make sure you get to your university’s freshers' fair where all the clubs and societies will give you a chance to sign up to something new. That will be a great way to find your CU and get involved with everything they do. Christian Unions exist to be a team of witnesses for the rest of the university, so by joining their fantastic mission you can be involved in bringing Jesus to your campus too.

Also, it’s a great way to find out about local churches and build friendships with other Christians who have the same heart for your university as you. Having a few close Christian friends is really important, because we all need people to turn to for prayer and support, and people we can support in return.

But don’t forget to check out the others societies too. Getting involved in other groups - from sports teams to the knitting society – is a brilliant way to meet more people and be a witness in a whole new place.

Most importantly though, make sure you have fun! Being a student is such an exciting phase of your life and Freshers’ Week is where it all kicks off. God has a place and a purpose for you at university so dive straight into it, be the difference and get involved. ‘And surely I am with you always, to the very end of age.’ Matt.28:20

Naomi Wilson is a student at Southampton University

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