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Meeting Jesus in Mark’s Gospel

‘Of the four Gospels, Mark is most overtly a "docudrama", consisting of noteworthy "clips" as well as typical or representative events… Mark’s approach to the biographical data is that of a careful recorder. […] The resulting book is a collage or mosaic of the life of Jesus. The best way to negotiate this format is to regard oneself as Mark’s travelling companion as he assembles his documentary on the life of Christ. The main unifying element in the mosaic is the protagonist, Christ himself.’

–  ESV introduction to the Gospel of Mark

In our age of information overload, Mark’s fast-paced, action-packed account of Jesus’ life feels appealing and accessible. Yet, used as we are to bite-sized episodes, how can we really get to know the person of Jesus through such brief encounters?

We’re grappling with these kinds of questions as we work on the development of Uncover Mark: a suite of printed and digital resources designed for students to use to introduce their friends to Jesus. With a launch date of September 2018, we’re seeking to equip and reach ‘Generation-Z’ – those born in 2000 and later.

Uncover invites students to ‘see for yourself’ who Jesus is. We’re firm believers that God speaks through His Word, and that Mark’s Gospel, as it builds up a picture of Jesus, will speak to students today and encourage them to make up their own minds about who Jesus is.

Sam Lucas, the designer working on the printed Uncover resource, is keen to invite students to uncover Jesus in as compelling a way as possible. ‘A lot of people, when they first pick up a book, flick through it first and look at the pictures. I’m hoping to create documentary-style photographs that stop people in their tracks, and communicate aspects of the passage before they even start reading.’ In this visual age, images that tell stories make people slow down, stop, and think. We want to ‘draw people into reading God’s real, powerful, living Word and we hope that through doing so that the Holy Spirit would touch them and change their hearts.’

Mark invites his reader to experience the life of Jesus, in full docu-drama, multi-media style. That’s why we’re also teaming up with Andrew Page and The Mark Drama, a student-led production that communicates the life and words of Jesus in a 90-minute drama. For guests who are unfamiliar with who Jesus is and what he actually did on earth, it’s a fantastic overview and introduction to the gospel, and many students have found that it forms the basis for future conversations. Again, we hope that as guests experience and remember key moments from Jesus’ life, they will be struck by the stories and the characters that they portray, and ultimately respond to Jesus’ challenge to decide, ‘who do you say I am?’

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