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Murals in Manchester

As part of the city-wide outreach 'Story Manchester', the Manchester Christian Unions, along with Christian mission organisation YWAM, created giant murals on the streets of the city.

It's an interactive mural, with students joining in to fill a square of a larger image.

As the students, CU members and guests, got creative, they also got chatting about Story Manchester and the purpose of the week: sharing God's incredible story with their city. Adam Jones, UCCF Team Leader in the North West, described the murals, which drew a large crowd, as 'very engaging' and 'a great talking point'.


The Story Manchester team also took portrait photographs of students, asking them to share their story, all for use in a Story Exhibition at the end of the week. 

Both have proved incredible ways to open a conversation and really get to know someone. At times, the conversation has gone so well that the team have even felt an opportunity open to offer prayer. Once student who was offered prayer was amazed someone would even ask! The team were able to share with him how God loves us and wants to know us.

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