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Josh Jackson

'My friend became a Christian!'

All over Britain, Christian Unions are giving countless students the opportunity to explore who Jesus is. Here's a few snippets from the mission field, as reported by Josh Jackson, who works alongside CUs in Birmingham. 

'My friend became a Christian!'

These were the excited words of Dan, a first-year student, as his friend ‘L’ decided to follow Jesus. ‘L’ had been having plenty of long chats with Dan in the week before the CU’s events week, and so loved the opportunity to discuss things further. She is now convinced of the goodness and truth of Christ, and is attending a local church.

'I want it to be true. I want to be convinced.'

One of the first people I spoke to was ‘E’, who was lurking sheepishly by the free books that were being given away at the back of the event. I approached her to say she could take any of the books, and we began to chat. ‘E’ has had Christian friends growing up and has always found something about Jesus compelling. She couldn’t quite nail down what it was, but she wanted it be true. I continued to see ‘E’ throughout the week, each time chatting deeply with different members from the CU.

'I think I believe it all. I’m going to check it out further.'

‘C’ is a friend of a girl in the CU. She recently attended the lunchtime talk I gave and so took the opportunity to grill me further when we sat at the same table. Her questions ranged from capitalism to suffering. At the end of the week, we spoke again and she took home a little book containing a short prayer. ‘C’ had started the week engaging her mind, but it was clear the gospel was captivating her heart.

'I have never heard of Jesus until now.'

During an international event, I got chatting with ‘B’, from China. He said that he had seen beautiful pictures of Jesus in galleries, but found them confusing. We chatted further and I had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. What a privilege! ‘B’ came to church with me that Sunday.

'I don’t understand why you believe in such a narrow-minded god.'

‘D’ and ‘M’ belong to a sect of Islam. A CU member and I talked to them for a long time as they shared how they believe everyone will go to heaven. After going around in circles, we asked them why we were even having this conversation – if everyone is going to heaven, what are they achieving by trying to disprove Christianity? They took the point on board as we challenged them to look into the seriousness and truthfulness of the Christian claim that Jesus is the only way know God.

'I can’t say the holocaust was wrong. It was just disappointing.'

These were the shocking words uttered in hushed tones by ‘P’, an atheist who stumbled across the CU event after seeing a flyer. She admitted that as a consistent atheist she couldn’t account for moral categories of good and evil. ‘Right and wrong are merely societal constructs,’ she said. ‘P’ is a real thinker, and she agreed to come to the event the next day where I was giving a talk on whether truth is relative. She seemed to love it, and said she changed her mind. She took away a copy of John’s Gospel.

'Pssst, can I take this?'

...whispered one lad who arrived with his football team mates. He had enjoyed the talk, and whilst his friends weren’t looking, he slipped a copy of Uncover John into his coat pocket and asked me if he could take it. I, of course, said yes, and then offered them to his friends. They were only visiting the university and were heading back to their football academy. They each took away a copy of John's Gospel.

'This trinity stuff makes sense.'

During an evening event, two Muslim guys walked in with loads of questions. We chatted through some of the differences between what we believe, and rather funnily one of the guys started explaining what I was saying to his friend. It was clear he was finding Christianity compelling.

These quotes capture just a moment in time of what God is doing in Britain's universities. Get news from your local area, and join us in partnering with God's exciting mission amongst students. 

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