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Sixth Formers

New Bethinking Youth Resources

For over ten years, Bethinking has been equipping students to defend their faith and hold out the truth, relevance and goodness of the gospel. But the challenges are ever-increasing, and so we can’t stand still. Over the last year we have been building on this foundation and investing in the future of student evangelism by producing new resources aimed at 14-18 year olds.

Christian teenagers are growing up in a culture where biblical Christianity is more and more alien. People don’t hold the same basic assumptions about God, the Bible, sin and the gospel anymore. This means that it is not only harder to stand firm as a Christian, it’s also harder to effectively communicate the gospel.

That’s why we’re producing these new resources. We want to see young people equipped to speak confidently and winsomely about Jesus. Equipping them at school means they will arrive at university better able to hold out the gospel and give an answer for their faith.

Our resources don’t provide young people with easy answers – we want more than that. Easy answers won’t work in a culture where Christianity is seen as irrelevant. Instead we want to see Christians capable of asking tough questions as well as answering them. So our series called ‘My Teacher Says…’ invites teens to ask thoughtful, respectful questions that make their teachers (and others) think about the assumptions behind common objections. In other articles we explore foundational ideas such as worldviews, which are key to understanding and engaging with non-Christians. Laying this foundation while at school will mean being better equipped for the challenges of our secular universities.

It’s been encouraging to see the enthusiasm and support for this new initiative from parents, youth workers, teachers and church leaders. One secondary school science teacher said ‘I’m really pleased to see the new youth section; I will definitely be pointing my pupils in that direction whenever “God questions” come up in the lab – something which is happening more and more.’

How could you use these resources? Why not pass them on to your youth worker, or share them with your own teenage children? Check out the resources at

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