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New Student Outreach

CUs have a message of welcome, purpose and hope to share with new students. Freshers’ weeks give them an opportunity to boldly hold out that message! Here are a few standout moments from the last couple of weeks.

Aston CU, a small CU of around 15 people, set up an inflateable rodeo in the centre of campus, which attracted hundreds of passing students! CU Staff Worker Joshua Jackson shared on Facebook: 'I know it’s not all about numbers, but this felt really significant - I myself got to speak to a good number of people who were either interested in the CU, had questions about faith, or were just thankful for the CUs welcoming presence on campus. And each time I looked around, CU students were having similar conversations. It was mega!'

Several CUs persisted against the rainy weather during their freshers' weeks, handing out tea and coffee and welcoming new students with meals and events. Sussex CU hosted an indoor picnic where they met over 60 new students who had the opportunity to hear more about Jesus. 

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A great welcome picnic held by Sussex CU today, with about 60 people present when the welcome was given. All this despite the wet weather. Must have been at least another couple dozen students pass through during the event, grabbing free food and receiving a warm welcome. Lots of conversations happening. Nice one, Sussex! In other news, Eastbourne CU had their Freshers' Fair stall today, with 14 sign ups (double the amount from last year) and loads more flyers given advertising other events this week. @sussex_cu @eastbournecu #freshers #cunews #uncoverjesus

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Freshers' fairs provide an incredible opportunity for CUs to make contact with new students from all sorts of different backgrounds, as they explore what they might get involved with at university. Staff Worker Fearghal Kelly shares some of the fantastic conversations had at Portsmouth University's freshers' fair:

CUs will continue to reach out to new students over the term, inviting them to be part of a community where they can encounter God's love and meet Jesus for themselves. Join us in praying for them during freshers' weeks and beyond. 

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