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Open hearts on campus

'These are such great topics – I’m so glad you’re talking about this.' ‘The events you’ve organized are wonderful. You’ve somehow managed to make everyone feel loved and included – even sceptics like me. I’ve come away with questions and know I will continue to ask my CU friends about them.’

Students from Leeds to Birmingham are encountering positivity, openness and interest as they share Jesus on campus. 

They've been bold in the scale of their events, demonstrating lavish welcome and a real, credible opportunity to explore the truth of the gospel.

In Nottingham, the CU set up a huge marquee in the middle of campus and held 16 evangelistic events in five days, with speakers Roger Carswell and Martin Povey. They hired a bigger marquee than in previous years, and encouraged students to continue conversations by using the space as a cafe during the day. This year they had an estimated 3,500 students come during the week, with 400 students at the biggest event. The scale and quality of the event impressed their university – the Student Union officer even walked by on the Friday and remarked, 'All events should be like CU events.'

These students have been seeking to demonstrate something of God's love, generosity and sacrifice. Wonderfully, we have heard stories about how God has used this outreach to open hearts and bring students to Him. 

It was Aston student Johnny (name changed), a guest at a CU event, who asked CU Staff Worker Josh to help him explore Jesus. Johnny had walked into a lunchtime event during Aston CU’s mission week and told Josh that he was only there for the free food. As the talk began, Johnny got out his phone, obviously disinterested. Slowly however, he put away his phone and leant forward to listen. Afterwards, he turned to Josh and said he’d never heard anything like it. Picking up a copy of Uncover Mark, a seeker-friendly Gospel and Bible Study, Johnny asked Josh to discuss it with him.

Meanwhile in Nottingham, many students have continued to explore Jesus since the week, including 20 who are now reading through Mark's Gospel with a CU member using Uncover Mark. And at least five have already professed faith in Christ! CU Staff Worker (CUSW) Elliot Hyliger commented: ‘Students were very open to having conversations about life, faith and Jesus.’ 

Please continue to partner with our students in prayer, as they continue to share God's loving welcome on campus. Pray that the Lord would bless their efforts, and that as He makes students open to exploring Him, that CUs would be ready to respond and point their friends to Jesus, who is ready to receive them! 

Pray for CUs

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