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Pray for Forum

Pray for Forum

This week, over 1000 students will gather for Forum, our training conference for CU leaders.

For many students, it’s a transformative week, and they head back to a new academic year ready to make an impact for Christ on their campuses.

Join us in praying that students will be…

1. Shaped by God’s Word

Richard Cunningham, UCCF Director, says: 'We hope that students will be inspired, refreshed and motivated as we delve deeply into God’s word and, by God’s Spirit, allow it to shape us, change us and equip us for the year ahead. It is hugely exciting to think of the potential impact they will have upon university campuses, and much further afield, as a result of our time together.'

At Forum, we’ll be joined by Christopher Ash, who will be taking us through 2 Corinthians, as well as Mike Pilavachi, Dorcas González, Naomi Dawson, Peter Dray and UCCF Directors Tim Rudge and Richard Cunningham who will be speaking at our main meetings. Please pray for wisdom, good health and energy for our speakers as they share God’s Word faithfully and engagingly and help to equip our students for mission. Pray that God will speak powerfully throughout the week, through different meetings, workshops and students' own time with Him, so that the students grow in their love for Him.

2. Inspired to share Jesus

As well as our main meetings together celebrating the good news of the gospel, students will be spending the week with hundreds of other CU leaders, not to mention speakers, student workers and our dedicated teams of Staff and Relay Workers. This gives them an unbeatable opportunity to share stories and ideas, and plan, discuss and envision for a year of mission ahead.

Richard says: 'Our prayer for this week is that students will be encouraged and built up in the truth and be persuaded that Jesus has the power to transform the lives of their unbelieving friends at university.'

3. Equipped to do it well

This year, we’ll be focusing on equipping students to live and speak for Jesus in all areas. We'll be hosting Leadership Network tracks with specialist speakers to equip students in the arts, in music, theology, science and politics. These tracks are part of our year-round Leadership Network programme, and will accompany our biggest ever range of workshops to help students be thinking about specific subject areas and interests.

We’ll also have specialist workshops each day so that students and staff can share best practice on topics like putting on evangelistic events, international mission, and living and speaking for Jesus in different areas of university life.

Richard says 'Forum is a prime opportunity to be equipped to do mission well on campus. Students are leaders and influencers and have huge potential to multiply your effectiveness by taking a lead back at university.' Please pray that CU committees, staff and Relay Workers will use this time well to grow closer as a team and plan for a year of mission ahead.

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