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Pray for new CU Leaders

Christian Unions are led by teams of students who get the whole CU on board as they make an impact for Jesus as a missional community on campus.

Each year, a new cohort of leaders shapes the CU’s mission. Students are best placed to know how to reach their friends, and we love the creativity and fresh approach that this brings year on year!

Each year, UCCF hosts training events for these new CU leaders. We run role-specific training, such as managing a budget or leading a meeting. One new CU leader commented: 'I was very lost and overwhelmed with my role [CU Treasurer] and she [the seminar leader] just shut down any of my concerns and took the time to answer all our questions!' Meanwhile, one new CU president commented: 'It was so helpful in how to lead a team, as well as making sure that we serve from the bottom, and help everyone in the CU as well as keeping Christ at the centre of our lives.'

We also invite fantastic speakers and worship leaders to help us gear up for a hear of mission by celebrating Jesus together. One CU Leader described these talks as 'life-changing' and loved the chance to reflect through worship. 

For new CU leaders, it's a chance to grow closer as a committee got closer and to form relationships with other CUs nearby, to share ideas, to be honest about struggles and to build supportive friendships that flourish throughout the year. 

Dive in to some social media posts from the weekend and see how God is equipping His people to build His Kingdom! We're so excited to how God uses them! 

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Last weekend with over a hundred CU leaders across the South East. A favourite moment each year is seeing a new lot of leaders enthusiastically going out with the vision for campus mission. Training by Staff & Relay Workers on leading excellent CUs. Fun in Basingstoke. Teaching by Pete Dray from the book of Haggai. | Forum South East . . #CUnews @uccf #FSE19 #lateupload

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We can't wait to see what God does through CUs over the next year! Join us in praying for these new teams of CU leaders. 

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