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Manchester International Outreach

Pray for our UK Summer Teams!

This summer, a couple of thousand international students will arrive in Manchester, some to attend language schools and many to brush up on their English before they start masters programmes.

Our heart for Manchester International Outreach is to meet many international students, to welcome them well, and to share some of the British culture as well as our lives and faith with them over cafe evenings and optional Bible studies.

Recently I met up with a fellow leader of MIO to prep Bible studies in Mark’s Gospel for international students. It is an amazing opportunity as many students are excited to read the Bible when they come to England as a way of engaging in western culture. We are going to look at Jesus’ life and ask about who He is and why He came for us. Please join with me in praying that many students would be amazed at seeing Jesus in the pages of the gospel and would be intrigued to know more of Him and want to follow Him.

As a team during the two weeks we will gather in the mornings for devotions and training seminars in cross-cultural mission before heading out into the campus to invite students to the evening cafés. The evenings will be a combination of lots of cake, a cultural experience each night, loads of chances to practice English and the optional Bible discussions. Last year we wonderfully saw over 100 students attending from around 20 different nations, some of whom have remained in regular contact with the team and have been attending churches. Please pray for another big response this year.

— Sam Pilgrim, CU Staff Worker in Manchester

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world come to our cities to learn English over the summer. We’re partnering with Friends International and local churches to run International Outreach programmes in Manchester, Cambridge and Reading. We’re also sending a team to the World’s End estate in Chelsea, where St John’s church are inviting our students to spend a week in an estate made up of people from many nationalities, walks of life and different religions. They’ll be trained and supported as they go out to share the gospel through ministry in an old people’s home and schools, spending time with locals in the church gym and much more!

Find out more about all of our summer teams here, or read our blog post on how you can pray for them! 

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