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#ReadMark: what happened?

Across the first 16 days of November, we read the Gospel of Mark as a fellowship. 

Staff, Relay Workers, student and supporters, all read one chapter of Mark’s Gospel per day. Why? Well, by becoming more familiar with Mark’s Gospel as a whole, we were praying that God would grow our confidence in asking friends to open the Bible. 

So, what happened? 

Inspiring evangelism

Wonderfully, #ReadMark opened the door for gospel-sharing opportunities.

But Mark’s Gospel hasn’t just been helping students. One supporter wrote in to let us know how it’s been helping him, too.

'I thought I’d write in response to your invitation to read Mark’s Gospel with you. In fact, we’re reading it with Sam (name changed), a homeless guy who’s been attending our church for the last few months!  

We started out just helping him with practical stuff, but when we offered him the chance to find out more about Christianity, he was really interested. So, each Thursday for six weeks we’ve meet for a meal followed by a study in Mark. Sam finds reading tricky, so we’re using dyslexia-friendly studies and he listens to the Bible on his phone. The food probably helps (!) but he’s turned up every week and seems really engaged.  

This is probably not reading Mark’s Gospel with you in the quite the way you envisaged, but we’d appreciate prayer; we'll be presenting an opportunity for him to respond to Christ over the next two weeks but aren’t yet sure how to follow-up. Please pray that Sam really meets Jesus in His Word and that his life would be transformed by faith in Him.'

Growing a love of Jesus

As well as helping us to share our faith, #ReadMark also deepened many people’s love of God and understanding of His Word.

Praise God that digging into God’s Word together has had a lasting impact.

Want to find out more? 


To read more about why we read Mark together this November, check out this blog. To hear more about how this impacted students, staff and supporters, search #ReadMark on Instagram and Twitter.


If you have any more stories about your experiences of Mark’s Gospel you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them. Email


To find our more about our Uncover Mark project, and access resources that will help you dig into Mark’s Gospel with a friend, go to our website here.


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