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Cameron Nash

Relay Blog: Invite

People love Christmas.

The festive period seems to be getting longer every year. The Christmas lights here in Manchester were lit on the third of November! As the nights lengthen and the temperature drops, people look to the festive spirit to provide a bit of warmth in an otherwise bleak time of year.

As Christians this provides us with an incredible opportunity. It’s one of the few chances we have to bring people along to events that they probably actually want to go to!

Most people don’t need persuading to do something Christmassy at this time of year. When things start to get busy and the deadlines stack up everyone is looking for an opportunity to come up for a rare breath of fresh air.

One of the best ways of providing that is through a carol service. I work as a Relay Worker in Manchester, where I get to challenge and encourage CU students to share their faith with their friends and see them grow in Christlikeness.

The Christian Unions (CUs) exist to equip students to share their faith with other students and then to provide them the opportunities to do that. And one of the greatest opportunities to do this is over the festive period.

Most of the Christian Unions across the country will have hosted a carol service at some point over the last month. (Read more about them here!)

Whether you are a Christian or not, carol services are a symbol of the Christmas season. I have never heard of someone declining a carol service invitation because it’s ‘not their thing’!

On top of that, it’s a completely natural chance to share the message of the gospel. At a carol service, we have the privilege to declare the good news of Christ each year in a setting that most people are comfortable with and will enjoy. We should make the most of it.

It isn’t only the CUs that put on great carol services. As Christmas day approaches, local churches will be running carol and Christmas services. How you could invite a friend to a church carol service? How could you make it as welcoming and as easy as possible for them to join you? How could you begin to welcome them into your community and continue the conversation afterwards? I always like to meet friends for dinner before an event like this. This year, I invited a friend who loved the service, loved meeting people in CU and is going to come along to our weekly meeting.

What a season. What an opportunity.

Let’s use this cultural excitement around Christmas to show people what it really means.

Let’s be bold in inviting our friends.

Let’s show people Christ this Christmas.


Cameron Nash grew up and studied in Edinburgh, before moving to Manchester to work alongside CU students as part of UCCF’s Relay Programme.

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