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Relay Blog: making the most of the season

Looking for a way to celebrate

Throughout December, people everywhere were using any excuse to get festive. And this was true for students too.

Whether it was by playing Christmas tunes, putting up a tree, pulling on a Christmas jumper, or drinking mulled wine – they were looking for ways to enjoy the season.


Providing a way to celebrate

During this time, CUs up and down the country made the most of the opportunities this gave to share the gospel.

In Leeds, the CUs prepared for months to hold events where friends and strangers could enjoy celebrating Christmas together, and, more importantly, hear of why we celebrate it.

As a Relay Worker there, I had the joy of being part of this.

One week I sat round a table with students from the smaller CU’s in Leeds (Beckett, Leeds College of Music, Leeds Arts University), eating pigs in blankets, sharing Christmas cracker jokes, and listening to the gospel. At this Christmas Meal, we saw many students hear about the goodness of Jesus, the promised King and loving Ruler we are longing for.

The next week I stood in Leeds Town Hall, belting out ‘Hark the Herald!’ with an orchestra, choir, and one thousand students. As guests heard of a light coming into the darkness of this world, there was a real sense God was speaking to those there. I was reminded again of what good news we have in Jesus, and the privilege it is to be part of sharing this with those who are lost.


A news for all to share

Whether you have been counting down the days to Christmas for weeks, or whether it’s suddenly sprung up on you, we have so much to remember and be thankful for this Christmas. Who could imagine that the Creator God’s salvation plan for the world would be to step down into His creation as a baby?

‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.’ (Matthew 1:21)

We can have confidence that through Jesus God has saved us from our sins – it’s not a ‘might’ but a ‘will’. And we can have confidence that as we tell others of Jesus, many of them too will be saved from their sins and have new life as they trust in Him.

What incredible news we get to share this Christmas! 


This month's Relay Blog comes from Fiona Jamieson, a Relay Worker with the Christian Unions in Leeds.

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