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Relay Worker Hope Garnish

Relay Blog: Rest

Rest. Reading, painting, seeing friends, sewing, quad biking, or just simply stopping. For me, this Easter was a time of true rest.

With a busy term over and students preparing for the end of their academic year, the Easter break provideda time to go home and rest, as well as an opportunity to further reflect on the Easter story and be thankful for all that our Saviour has done for us through the cross.

It’s a privilege to share this news alongside students on campus, and we can take times of rest knowing that it is not in our strength but in God’s that our friends, families and peers are saved. We are dependent on him in all we do, and by obeying His command to rest, we express our dependence on the only One who is able.

In 1 Kings 19 we read of Elijah’s need for rest. Elijah is under attack and is weakened to a point that he wants to die. He cries out: ‘I have had enough, Lord’.

In Elijah’s time of great need, God does not despair and say ‘Get up, I need you’, nor does He frown upon Elijah in disappointment. No, God provides a resting place for him, with food and water to heal him and care for him.

We can rest knowing that God, in His saving grace, has won the battle. We can spend time enjoying the things God has made us to enjoy, and look forward to a time of work for His Kingdom and glory, knowing that He will be with us every step of the way.

During the Easter holidays, many students joined thousands of people from the wider UK church on the northern coast of Wales to enjoy this wonderful holiday Bible conference that is Word Alive! Founded in partnership with UCCF, the heart behind Word Alive is to resource individuals, churches and CUs in their mission to their local communities and the wider world. Word Alive is a fantastic place for students to enjoy part of their holidays and has most certainly been a highlight of my year as a Relay Worker.

Besides the joys of stewarding, hearing many amazing talks and spending time with old friends, the best part of Word Alive was by far the time I got to spend with the students of Bournemouth CU. Each day we got to spend time together digesting what God had been saying to each of us and praying into these things.

It was a joy to see the students opening up day by day as God opened their eyes to see more of who he is and who he has made them to be. It is an exciting conference to attend knowing it will impact our faith and evangelism beyond the restful Easter holidays and beyond the students’ time at university.

Hope Garnish is a Relay Worker with Bournemouth CU, where she works with students from Bournemouth University and the Arts University, bringing together a wide variety of interests and passions that all work beautifully together for God's glory and the sharing of His good news! 

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