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Daisy Fudge

Relay Blog: Standing Firm in the Year Ahead

The warm evenings were coming to an end, there were still many things to do before Relay began and the final days of summer were filled with reading and writing six Bible studies in Colossians. When the day came to leave for Relay Orientation at the Quinta Christian Centre, where sixty Relay Workers would all begin training for the ten months ahead, I didn’t have time to feel any emotion apart from stress that I might miss my train. 

When we arrived at Quinta we dropped our bags, met our roommates and headed to the meeting room for our first session. It was an introduction, reassuring us all that we weren’t there by mistake. We opened up Luke 18 and saw two very different attitudes; one man who thought himself better than everyone else and one man who knew he was a sinner. We learnt that it is much better to be the second man, he came before God and recognised his sin in order that he might be shown mercy. This will define our year because we are not justified by the ‘success’ of our CU but through the grace of our Lord Jesus. 

Throughout the week we enjoyed digging into the Bible. Ben Harding, the Head of Relay, took us helpfully through 2 Timothy encouraging us to ‘guard the good deposit’ that is the gospel. We were reminded that Christian Unions have been established since 1919 and these next ten months are not an opportunity to showcase all of the skills that we acquired over our years on committee. Instead, we are to encourage and equip the Christian Union at our university to continue to share the gospel faithfully as they have been doing for the last century. As Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2, we looked at how to ‘be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.’ To soldier on with our Christian Unions as they face trials on campus and to help them keep on track as they run the race towards the finish line. 

To help shape our year of student ministry, the different speakers consistently reminded us that we need to stand firm in grace if we are to be a faithful Relay Worker. This means not feeling disheartened if we don’t convey the gospel as clearly we would have liked to, not being disappointed when a student who we thought would get stuck in with CU never comes back and if people come to know Christ because of an event we put on, giving all the glory to our Lord and Saviour knowing whole-heartedly it is all for him. 

As we were reminded from Luke 18 at the beginning of Relay Orientation, those who humble themselves will be exalted. What a great way to start Relay - if we live knowing Jesus as Lord and serve him faithfully, no matter what the ten months looks like we still get to spend eternity with our great God.

This month's Relay Blog comes from Daisy Fudge, a Relay Worker with Kingston University Christian Union. 

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