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Relay Diary: So what do Relay Workers actually do?

Don’t worry. I didn’t know what Relay workers did either, until recently! I can’t see any two days looking particularly similar over the next ten months.

Some weeks involve 6am starts for event planning, and others, late nights returning from a frenzied evening of CU activity. But I love the unpredictability of what the day might bring and reveal what God has planned!

I’m now a couple of months into term and there have been lots of new names and faces. Getting to know a new campus and student community has been great fun, and as I get involved in university and CU life I’m beginning to feel at home at Queen Margaret University (known, by its loyal and lively residents, as QMU).

QMU CU worked really hard organising a great week of freshers’ events including a fabulous three-course 1920 themed banquet! The events invited interest from non-Christians as well as those looking to be involved in the CU, and provoked some good discussion.

I also had the chance to help out at a lunchbar at Edinburgh Napier University and encourage Emma (my fellow Edinburgh Relay Worker) who’s based there. An evening trip to the border town of Galashiels was another highlight, home to Heriot-Watt University’s fashion college. The girls had organised a Dial-a-Donut evening, allowing for some great conversations about Christianity.

I’ve really enjoyed helping run the weekly first-years’ Bible study, called ‘Fresh’. We’ve been going through Uncover John (a great resource supplied by UCCF that unpacks John’s Gospel with helpful historical context and questions) so that students might be confident using it with friends who might have never read the Bible before or even considered Jesus as relevant. Just yesterday reading through John 9 we were newly amazed at Jesus’ ability to shatter expectations and reveal worldly pride. Riled by Jesus healing a blind man on the Sabbath, the Pharisees’ spiritual blindness is soon exposed.

Candles on table
1920s themed banquet at QMUCU

It’s an enormous privilege to be still involved in the student community as a graduate, and just explaining my role and routine as a Relay Worker has already led to some amazing gospel conversations amongst non-Christians. I’ve been warmly invited into the QMU women’s football club where I hope to shine as a light and, in this, encourage other believing students to also witness on campus.

I’ve also been loving the core study programme which has recently covered the amazing reality of having a triune God. Having the time and opportunity to absorb these truths, and to understand the glory and grace of Jesus Christ, means I’ve already been wholeheartedly recommending the Relay Programme to the girls I’m living and working with! Together with the hunger and enthusiasm of the students I’ve been meeting with one-to-one, it’s been a hugely encouraging and exciting start to the year!

This month’s Relay Diary comes from Ellie Cunningham-Batt, who was a Relay Worker in Edinburgh 2015-16.

Relay is a year of training and discipleship for recent graduates, who work alongside a CU staff worker, supporting Christian Unions in their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world. Could Relay be an option for you?

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