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From 20–23 November 2018, the University for Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham hosted a week of outreach called Rethink, running lunchtime and evening events each day. This, in itself, is amazing – only last February they ran their first mission week in six years!

The aim for the week was to help students on campus to 'taste and see that the Lord is good'. The CU were hugely encouraged to see conversations unfold about Jesus as the week went on. They were joined by guests from OCCA (Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics). A highlight was Tom Price’s riveting talk on ‘Religion and Film: from terrorism to transcendence’. Two film lecturers came to along to listen and to support the CU president (who is in her third year of film studies) and it was wonderful to have a talk on a topic so relevant to creative arts students.

'Doing a mission week early in the year has helped mission be part of the life of the CU.'

In many ways, we entered the week unexpectant that people would consider Christianity for themselves right there and then, but by God’s amazing grace, seven people decided to give life with Jesus a go! Following up with these individuals has proven difficult since the week, and we’d appreciate prayer as CU members connect with those that they met during these events.

Choosing to do a mission week early in the academic year has eally helped mission be part of the rhetoric and life of the CU.It began opening campus’ eyes to Jesus and was then a really great springboard for conversations that happened at the carol service on 6 December. 

This term, other CU groups are running outreach events to invite their friends to explore Jesus. 

Pray for CUs holding outreach events this week.

This post was written by Claire Dent, CU Staff Worker in Reading and Surrey. 

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