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Survive the Grilling

Ever been asked a question about being a Christian and were totally stuck on what to say? It feels like the room has gone dark and you’re under a spot light, like an episode of Mastermind but without the ‘pass’ option.

Questions from non-Christian friends can feel like a gruelling interrogation. So how do you answer them? Go mute and stare blankly, hoping they change the conversation? Or delve straight into a three point sermon about the wrath of God?

When it comes to people’s questions, it’s important to answer honestly and simply. So here is how to reply to some of the common questions students seem to ask.

CU? What’s CU?

This was always the first question I was asked any time I mentioned the Christian Union and it was actually an amazing way to get talking about my faith. Explain it’s a group of people who love and follow Jesus, who meet to encourage each other, but make sure you explain what this means for them. Tell them about the events your CU organises for students and how they can get involved too.

I believe in God, does that make me a Christian?

This is always a tricky one. Obviously, we don’t know where exactly someone is in their journey with God, so firstly tell them what it means to be a Christian. Jesus said clearly in John 10 ‘I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved’. Explain that when we accept Jesus as our Saviour and choose to follow Him, that is when God sees us as his child and that’s when we’re a Christian.

What, no sex before marriage?

Sex is always in conversations at university and as soon as you voice your opinion on it there will be plenty of questions! Explain that God created sex to be enjoyed but he simply tells us to keep it for when we’re married. Be open to conversations about sex - don’t avoid the subject just because you’re not having it and be honest with your friends when you’re struggling. It will show them this isn’t just some religious virtue you’ve vowed to, but that your relationship with God is so real that you’re willing to change your lifestyle for him.

How do you know God even exists?

This question can open up plenty of debates, but I find answering with a personal experience is really effective for proving God’s presence. Maybe talk about times God answered prayers or healed people you know. Powerful stories from your own life can illustrate how real and close God is.

Naomi Wilson is a student at Southampton University

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