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Surviving the summer

The long holidays of summer can be a difficult time for some Christian students, especially those students going home to non Christian parents and non Christian friends.

I remember when I was a student and on the last day of term feeling a mixture of emotions, one of excitement of having a time of rest from Uni work, but also a feeling of dread and wondering if I would survive home life without all my new Christian friends in CU and Church to keep me afloat. This is not unusual and not something to be scared about because we know whether we are at Uni or at home that Christ will always be with us and he is our refuge.

But if you are feeling like that or struggling at the moment at home, here are some helpful things to remember/do while you are there:

Take opportunities to love and share the Gospel

Your home over the summer can be seen as a new mission field with parents and friends who don’t know Jesus. Here you have great opportunities to love and serve your parents, whether that’s having conversations where you share your testimony and faith or you do the washing up/shopping or helping round the home!

Enjoy reading your bible

Take time to open up scripture and enjoy seeing Jesus in what you read and share what you have been learning with your friends. Don’t fret over how much you haven’t read it this year or how many chapters you have read, just open it up and read as much as you want and enjoy learning more about your saviour.

Find a church

No matter how long you are there for or if you will miss most the Sundays, it will be great if you found a church at home and meet Christians of different ages/backgrounds. However don’t compare the church with your uni church – just enjoy being in fellowship with different types of people – serve and bless them.

Have fun

Summer is a great time to travel, go on camps and hang out with old school friends. Enjoy your time there and enjoy what you like to do without any guilt of having to do work or deadlines. Enjoy all of God’s creation.


This seems quite obvious but it’s often the biggest struggle for us (that and bible reading). Why not ring a Christian friend and plan to pray with each other every week and share what you have been reading in the bible? Or find someone in your home church and ask to pray with them regularly. If you find it hard to pray at home for lack of privacy – why not go on some prayer walks? You don’t have to pray out loud, but use that time to pour your heart out to the Father and enjoy Him.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone and to remind your heart of the truth of the Gospel – That Jesus loves you and died for you and adopts you as his child. These are just some of the things I found helpful when I was a student, I hope you do too. Enjoy your summer.

Cat Caird was a Christian Union Staff Worker in Plymouth

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