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Feeling inspired by a planning session at Forum Central last term (regional UCCF training weekend for CU leaders), the CU at the University of Buckingham wanted to play a bigger part in university life.

'Food always works!’ comments Sophie, the CU president. ‘The idea first came from one of the CU committee who can make sushi. So we thought, “There we go; we’ll have a sushi workshop!” Sushi is very popular among the students at Buckingham Uni, so we thought that it would be an attractive event.

‘We could only offer a limited number of spaces, as food needed to be bought in advance. However, because of this, we could make the workshop a bit different. We offered each guest a glass of wine, a place name, and their own chopping board and knives, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we hadn’t asked people to pre-book. This meant that those who came to the event felt appreciated and special – exactly how we wanted them to feel!’

Liz Willis, CU Staff Worker at Buckingham agrees. ‘The CU really pulled out the stops to make it a lovely and welcoming event. Great fun had by all as we learned the art of making sushi! It was a delight to see that nearly everyone who came was a non-Christian guest, either a friend of a CU member or someone who had just seen the event advertised.’

In total there were 15 students present. ‘In a very relaxed atmosphere we began the process of making our own sushi and satisfying our taste buds,’ explains another CU member. ‘It was great fun being led by Hannah, CU vice-president and our sushi teacher for the night, who was there to guide us and make us laugh! The workshop was also a great way to meet and interact with new folk.

‘Towards the end of the event, Liz shared a short gospel message on how meals and eating together are a great way to engage in conversations with friends, in much the same way Jesus’ ministry was often about meeting people in their homes for a meal and sharing the good news of His kingdom.’

CU members were encouraged by lots of good discussions they had with friends during the evening. They are planning to continue these conversations and start more by hosting further events, including an ‘Agnostics Anonymous’ group – no doubt accompanied by even more delicious food! 

What could you do as a CU to start a conversation with your friends? Check out our mission training resources for more ideas.

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