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UCCF starts planning for Uncover John

The UCCF Leadership Team have starting planning for the next Uncover Gospel Project. Uncover John is expected to launch at Forum 2014 (UCCF’s national five-day residential training event for CU leaders). Over 1,000 CU leaders – plus delegates – are expected to be in attendance at the launch event.

Brian Weaver, UCCF’s Special Projects Manager, said, ‘We are delighted that since the launch of Uncover (Luke), UCCF has seen unprecedented levels of fruit in CU evangelism. In 2012/13, we have seen 22,000 students attend a CU carol service and over 30,000 students come to a CU mission week event, with countless numbers in Uncover Seeker Bible Studies. It is only natural that we continue the work that God has started by beginning work on the next Uncover project. John will utilise new technologies that will converge print and digital media in order to help students and church members open up the gospels with their friends.’

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