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Uncover in Uruguay

‘Uncover is more than perfect!’

For students in Uruguay, getting permission to hold a Christian event on campus is impossible. That’s why having a resource like Uncover, which helps them to share Jesus directly and relationally, in an increasingly secular culture, is invaluable.

And the enthusiasm is catching! Caro, an Argentine student who attended the summer camp in Uruguay where the Uncover resources were launched, was so captivated by the potential of sharing Jesus through His Word that she’s already started reading Uncover with a friend back home.

Closer to home, Uncover has been making waves in the most secular continent on the planet: Europe. UCCF delegates hosted training sessions showcasing this resource at the recent IFES Presence evangelism conference. In particular, IFES movements have requested copies of the new Uncover: English for All translation of Uncover John, which aims to resource students and churches who work with people who have English as an additional language. Just this week, the small IFES movement in Latvia arranged for 40 copies to be sent to them to use in their work there!

Kristi Mair, a UCCF Assistant Team Leader in the Midlands, who attended the conference, said, ‘As a result of the Uncover launch at the Presence conference in IFES, students across Europe are asking their friends if they'd like to meet Jesus. One student from the Czech Republic, upon arriving home, asked his housemate if he'd like to find out about Jesus by reading Uncover with him. He said, “Yes!” right away. Another asked a fellow passenger on a train on their way home! There are a number of stories surfacing. It's such a joy hearing what the Lord is doing through His students across Europe.’

The launch of the resource at the IFES conference is part of UCCF’s ongoing partnership with other IFES movements to produce and share Uncover. More translations of Uncover are in the works for Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian, and there is interest in Flemish, French, Hebrew, Turkish, and more copies for Australia. IFES movements across Europe and beyond are being equipped to make the most of this resource for relational evangelism, which encourages them to produce their own.

Towards that end, IFES staff and students are being invited again this year to Forum, UCCF’s annual training conference for CU student leaders, for an Uncover Training Track. Brian Weaver, Uncover Project Manager, explains why this opportunity to share Uncover is so special: ‘This not only multiplies staff who can equip CUs in their own context, but it allows us to be generous in sharing more of our great resources through the training that the rest of Forum offers.’

It's incredible to see how God is using Uncover to equip student movements around the world. But Uncover isn't just for students! Uncover resources, including various translations and Uncover John: English for All, are available for churches and individuals to purchase from IVP Books. Our website is also full of additional resources, including leaders' notes, supporting material for translations, follow-on studies and much more! If you'd like to sit down with Uncover and introduce a friend to Jesus, have a look at what's available and find a resource that works for you.

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