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Stack of Uncover John Gospels

Uncover John Gospels Launched

‘Tonight was really uplifting! I want to go home now and get my friends together to look at Uncover John. It’s so well designed; I’d be confident putting it straight into my friends’ hands.’ – Aisling, economics student and CU leader at Exeter University.

On Wednesday 2 September, the Uncover John Gospels were launched to 1,050 CU leaders gathered from across Britain at Forum, UCCF’s national training conference. Calling Uncover ‘the best evangelistic strategy I have seen in all my years of ministry,’ Graham Daniels (Christians in Sport) spoke passionately at the launch from Luke 24 on the power of the Bible to ‘make your mates’ hearts burn within them’ and implored the students simply to ‘have a go’ at using Uncover with others. Sprinkled with his own personal anecdotes of seeing Uncover changing lives, only the most hardened cynic could have left the launch night unconvinced of the Bible’s power and the ability of students to wield it.

Influenced by feedback from student leaders, field staff and churches, much thought has gone into the design of this brilliant resource. Whilst still compact, each copy includes the whole text of John’s Gospel, alternate blank pages for notes, and the six Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies. Readers can also access an accompanying website of articles and videos, although the QR codes which featured in the Uncover Luke Gospels have been replaced with more up-to-date URL links. In all, from the clean, blue finish to the readable 2011 NIV text inside, the Gospels are attractively and professionally presented.

Many Forum delegates felt inspired to put Uncover straight to work. Cam, who’s studying mechanical engineering at Herriot Watt, has committed to pray for opportunities with several university friends, stating, ‘I have a lot more confidence after hearing that this works; the gospel is powerful!’

Meanwhile, Alex (a geography student at Exeter) leaves Forum determined to ask a coursemate to read Uncover John with him: ‘He said no last year but he’s since been trying to read the whole Bible whilst away in Canada and I think he’ll be up for it now.’

With 10,000 copies now in circulation within CUs, students are being encouraged to use these resources in their mission wisely. Not only did every student leader receive a copy to prayerfully give away and read with a friend, but each CU was issued with their own Uncover order form, ensuring they would receive sufficient copies to equip their whole CU in time for the new academic year.

Brontë, who studies history at Royal Holloway, commented, ‘I love that we’re here for this. Imagine the impact of just these 1,000 students sharing Uncover John with their friends, let alone all the CU members back home!’

James Bunyan, UCCF Staff Worker in London

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