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Uncover John

Uncover John launched

‘I haven’t been this excited about anything for a long time!’
- Nottingham CU Student

On Tuesday 2nd September, the much-anticipated Uncover John was launched to the Christian Unions. 5,000 copies of the Uncover John Seeker Bible Study were at distributed at Forum and were received with great enthusiasm and anticipation.

Uncover John is an encounter with the eyewitness narrative about the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. The Seeker Bible Studies help students to investigate Jesus’ claims and experience the life He offers. Looking at John’s Gospel in six powerful accounts of Jesus with a friend is a simple and relational way for CU members to introduce their friends to Jesus. A further 15,000 Seeker Bible Studies will be distributed during this term.

Each of the 915 students at Forum were given a copy of the brand new Uncover John Seeker Bible Study guide, making them the first people to see the six new seeker studies in John’s Gospel exploring life in all its fullness. A short, punchy video introduced Uncover John, before Graham Daniels, General Director of Christians in Sport, delivered a wonderfully inspiring talk about sharing the gospel with your friends through Scripture.

There was a real sense of excitement as Christian Union leaders grasped the vision for Uncover John, eager to take it back to their CUs to open it with their friends. One student from the University of East Anglia CU commented:

It’s so useful that it’s all in one book, so can easily be used with friends, coursemates and anyone willing to learn more about the gospel.

Brian Weaver, Head of Special Projects and Events at UCCF, comments:

The tweets and feedback are thrilling. They show that students understand what a precious resource they have in Uncover John to use with their friends. Many students declared that they will use it ‘intentionally with a friend called Harry’, ‘to read it with my friend Nick’, ‘to reach out to Ed, my coursemate’, ‘with my Finnish and Swedish flatmates’ and ‘with at least three Chinese students’. That’s what it’s all about!

A special edition of Uncover John for churches and individuals will be launched at Word Alive 2015.

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