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Uncover John Chinese Edition

Uncover John translated into Chinese

In January, Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies were produced in Mandarin Chinese for British students to use with their Chinese friends.

Produced in partnership with COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission), this resource has been translated and contextualised into Chinese. 揭秘 mirrors the English version so the two can be used side-by-side, enabling any British student to look at John’s Gospel with a Chinese friend.

Students and staff have been asking for Uncover in Chinese almost from the start. With 90,000 Chinese students in the UK, it’s no wonder that every hand at Forum this year was raised when asked if they knew a Chinese student. Although many Chinese students were doing Uncover with CU members, there were often significant language barriers.

At a Northampton CU event last term, Daizy, a CU member, asked a Chinese international student if she would like to read Uncover John with her and do some English cooking. The girl agreed and asked if she could bring a fellow Chinese student.

After the first week of looking at the English Uncover together, Daizy asked her local Staff Worker, Ben, if there was a Chinese version available, since it had been difficult trying to engage them with the English.

She was provided with an advance copy of Uncover in Chinese and after the next meeting sent this message to Ben: ‘Five girls showed up! Having the translation really helped. They all asked good questions and answered brilliantly. It was such an amazing encouragement! God is at work!’

The group has continued to grow and there are now eight Chinese students reading Uncover and learning how to make cottage pie! Daizy says, ‘It’s great to use Uncover in Chinese to gain clarity where they are struggling, especially with some of the religious language that they haven't heard of or learnt in English before.’

Min Yin, a COCM worker in London and Canterbury, has been heavily involved in the translation process. ‘We usually used Uncover as a base for our Chinese Bible study for the first term and found it is very effective and easy to use. The translation will encourage more Christian students (both local and overseas) who have hearts for Chinese students to be more prepared and feel more confident in reaching out to their Chinese peers.’

Brian Weaver, Uncover Project Manager, says, ‘This could be a game-changer for CUs, churches, and specialist ministries like COCM and Friends International in our outreach to Chinese students.’

Copies of Uncover John in Chinese will be available to order soon from IVP Books.

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