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Uncover Launches

Uncover launched nationwide

At Forum this summer, over 1,000 CU leaders were given a copy of Uncover John Gospel – a hardback, interactive copy of John’s Gospel, which is linked to a wealth digital resources and includes Bible studies specifically designed for CU members to use with their non-Christian friends.

Since then, these students have been creatively launching Uncover in their CUs so that CU members are encouraged and equipped to use Uncover John Gospels.

In Falmouth, the CU held a launch night in early October with Uncover cakes, blue bunting and even blue mocktails to complement the blue Uncover John Gospels, which they gave to each CU member in sets of four – one for the CU member and three to give away. As students use Uncover they are encouraged to ‘Pray for 3, Give to 3 and Read with 3’. In York St John CU, students have been using Uncover prayer bookmarks to pray for 3 friends with whom they are seeking to read the Gospel.

At Bath CU’s Uncover launch night, CU members shared experiences of using Uncover in the past. This was effective in enthusing the new generation of first-year students for personal evangelism. Jemima*, a Christian fresher at Bath University, came away convinced that she could use Uncover to introduce her friends to Jesus. That evening, she boldly asked her housemates if they’d like to read Uncover John Gospel with her, to which one friend said ‘yes’! ‘It’s wonderful to see students in Bath growing in confidence to read the Bible with friends and praying for them to Uncover Jesus for themselves,’ comments Bath Staff Worker, Andrew Berry.

Uncover John Gospels
Uncover John Gospels gift-wrapped for launch

Many CUs have been giving practical training on using the Gospels. Staff Worker Rich Pitt led a session at Nottingham CU’s launch, taking the students through the first study. ‘We were role-playing; as if I was leading them all in the study,’ he reports. ‘At the end a student ran up to me and said the person they were sat next to wasn’t a Christian, and so in launching Uncover John Gospels we'd actually seen someone engage with Study A!’

A focus of Uncover launches is the incredible potential for students to encounter Jesus for themselves in His Word. Wonderfully, this is already happening across the country.

Chester CU launched Uncover in the third week of term. Since then, students have been sharing in the CU meeting each week how they are using the resource with their friends, and the CU have been working hard to support and equip students to use Uncover by going through the digital resources in small groups each week. A CU member there has read three of the studies with two housemates. One of them has started going to church with her and recently announced that she’s going home to tell her parents that she’s become a Christian!

*denotes name has been changed

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