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Uncover Luke Launches in Arabic

Hussan, an IFES Staff Worker from Jordan, first discovered Uncover 18 months ago while attending as a guest of UCCF’s annual Staff Training Conference. ‘I just fell in love with the idea and the professionality of it.’

His vision was to see it translated into Arabic and used throughout the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, where Arabic is the official language of many countries.

Since Hussan’s initial suggestion, the Arabic translation has been nearly two years in the making. Now, pioneered by the Israeli movement to an enthusiastic reception, it is ready, and 7,000 copies have been printed for use in the Middle East and North Africa. Specific resources have also been developed for use in a Middle Eastern context.

Hussan sees opportunities to use the Uncover resources with students, CU leaders and non-believers in the region. ‘We’re excited! Uncover will be very helpful, especially the short movies.’ These accompanying web resources are packed full of credible explorations of the historicity of Luke’s account and Jesus’ claims.

This outside evidence is indispensable for seekers without a Christian background in a Muslim-majority country. Meanwhile, for Christians who can feel as though they are 'the minority of a minority of a minority', it’s vital to be confident that what they believe and seek to share is valid and true.

Jason, from the Middle East, shares one encouragement from studying Luke’s Gospel with students: ‘It’s so great to see who God is and to see God’s character being revealed through the Gospel of Luke and the person of Jesus. […] By the grace of God it was really exciting to see, as we did Uncover, a Hindu student come to faith.’

Shadi, who works with Hussan in the MENA region, says that Uncover is the kind of project that the region needs. ‘Having such a project for seekers is huge.’ In countries such as Syria, in the midst of conflict and instability, student ministry centres around Bible study groups. Meanwhile in Tunisa, students meet in Bible study cell groups around the city or in dormitories as they are not allowed to meet on campuses.

In this context, Shadi sees the transformative potential but also the challenge of using Uncover in this region. He asks us, ‘Please pray for us; pray for Uncover not to be a book on the shelf, but a light between and among these students.’

‘And we’ll pray for you too!’

Join Shadi in being generous in world mission by praying for Uncover in Arabic. Pray that the Uncover Gospels won’t be just ‘a book on the shelf’, but ‘a light between and among these students.’

Give to the Uncover project to enable more countries to receive Uncover in their own language.

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