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Uncover Mark

Uncover Mark

The story that Mark tells about Jesus is exciting, engaging and relevant. In our new Uncover Mark resource, as in our other Uncover Gospel projects, we’re inviting students to explore the source material, read through a Gospel account of Jesus’ life, and see for themselves who Jesus is.

The resources

The Gospel of Mark reads like a documentary account, building up a picture of who Jesus is by telling the stories of those he meets. With this in mind, we created eight sets of discussion questions that focused on a different episode within Mark’s Gospel. We also teamed up with photographer Kieran Dodds to produce portrait, documentary-style photography. This photography features throughout the printed Gospel and complements the discussion questions, providing points of conversation around the themes that Jesus addresses.

As well as the printed Gospel, we’ve developed a number of other resources to help students discover Jesus through Mark’s Gospel, including:

As a fellowship, we’re working to reach more people with the story that Mark tells about Jesus in a way that they can engage with – from a choral arrangement to art installations and social media campaigns. We want to give CUs tools to create, proclaim and invite students to meet Jesus in Mark’s Gospel.

It’s all about introducing people to the stories that Mark tells about Jesus, and letting them see for themselves what they make of Him.

Find out more about Uncover Mark and our resources for CUs on our website. Or for resources that you can use to help bring Jesus into your conversations, explore, or follow UncoverJesus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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