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Helen Taylor

What do CU Staff Workers do?

Helen Taylor, Staff Worker in Nottingham, gives us some insight into what staff work involves and how we can pray for UCCF staff and students. 

What did you do before joining UCCF?

After graduating from University of Nottingham in Theology, and completing the Relay Programme, I worked for a company working with ex-offenders to help them find employment upon release. 

In a nutshell, what do you do as a Staff Worker?

I train, resource and equip students to be confident and prepared in talking to their friends and course mates about Jesus. I love the opportunity to encourage them to live beautiful and obedient lives that they might stir intrigue about the God they worship in the people they live alongside. Christian students are easily the best placed to reach their peers with the good news of the gospel; it’s my job to help to be the most equipped to do this well. 

Have there been any surprises?

I have been surprised by the courage of many students to stand out for Jesus, I have been surprised by the speed at which missional convictions are formed in students and I have been surprised by God’s constant faithfulness. My unbelief has been massively challenged – it seems obvious to say but God is backing the CU movement. He loves it – whether it be challenges with Student Unions, a really excellent CU event, a really average looking life, an excellent Bible study, or even our sin, God has worked so many things to bring people to Jesus and to cause His people to grow

What’s your most encouraging CU moment to date?

Oh, I don’t know where to start… lets go with Thursday 16th February 2017 21:27. I was stood at the side of University of Nottingham CU’s events week marquee. A talk had just been given on the crucifixion which winsomely drew students to engage with the heart of Christianity.

As I stood alongside students serving drinks I watched on as conversation after conversation about Jesus struck up. The CU had put on their most excellently produced events week to date and the great response from the wider student body was evident in this marquee.

Gradually, the tone in the marquee moved from standard student banter to deep, warm, searching conversations and friends and CU guest walked students through their questions. It was encouraging to see so many people drawn to this event by their friends, by the topic and the warm invitation of the CU. This was a stand-out moment for me, but really it is so typical of the work I do – it is a privilege to get to watch on and be part of events like this all through the year.

How can we pray for you, and for all UCCF staff?

Please pray that we would treasure Christ above all things. I, and we, all need to see Him more clearly, to love Him more rightly that our work would be shaped by a desire for other people to love and worship Him too. It’s so easy to make this work about us and what we achieve, please pray that we would be about His glory and our lives would be shaped by that, as gospel-centred example for the students we work amongst. 

Do you want to help students see transformation in their universities? We currently have vacancies for CU Staff Workers in locations all over England. Find out more, and apply by Friday 13 October. 

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