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What is God's will for my life?

Should I do a masters? Should I look for a graduate scheme? Church internship? Relay? Should I take the opportunity to travel to the world? Should I be thinking about getting married and having a family?

What is God’s will for my life?

The options can seem overwhelming. So what’s a biblical model for making decisions that are first and foremost grounded in our identity in Christ?

There are lots of examples in the Bible of how people set priorities while seeking guidance, as well as preparing for and dealing with uncertainty and change:

I have personally experienced God’s comfort, His peace and His leading since graduating five years ago. I have had four different jobs spanning Christian mission work, warehouse manual labour and office work for international companies. I have also moved to a new country, learnt another language, got married and had two kids. Through these changes and the uncertainties that have come along with them, God has taught me the great importance of asking friends and trusted counsel for advice and support, and praying for doors to be opened or closed to help guide my decision making.

However, the most important of all was to find peace and joy in my identity in Him. This has protected me from disappointment and from making decisions for the wrong reasons, as well as giving me a future and a hope plus a joy in the plans He has for me, knowing that He is with me whatever may come (Hebrews 13:5).

Decision making is a lifelong task that doesn’t necessarily get any easier. But as we build our foundations by continually reminding ourselves of our identity as beloved children of the King and setting our priority to seek His Kingdom first, we experience His peace and guidance through our prayer times, closest counsellors and by knocking and seeing which doors open.

Gavin Samuel is married to Steffi and has two daughters, Amy and Jesslyn. He lives in Switzerland, where he works in the supply chain for 3M EMEA. 

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