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Lois Adams

Lois Adams

Lois was brought up in a beautiful little village in Snowdonia, Wales and her first language is Welsh! Pursuing a career in the Arts, she went to London and graduated as a Set Designer for Stage and Screen from Wimbledon College of Art. She loves interactive, communicative designs.

She trusted the Lord Jesus Christ when she was young and as a student grew to know Him better. She much appreciated being in a Christian Union in Art College, where they shared and prayed for each other’s challenges, encouraged each other’s artwork, investigated Art culture together and helped one another to respond to it biblically. She stayed on to do Relay with London Art students before working for MorphÄ“ Arts (Artists Network of Christian Graduates).

In such a cynical generation, Lois believes that it is vital to have a Christian’s worldview represented in the real Art world; to show a different way of thinking, challenge the trend, and change culture. She feels a passion to encourage Welsh Christian Art students to persevere in their Christian walk in addition to pursuing excellence in their artwork, holding both with integrity and passion.

Lois loves laughing and making new friends. She likes films and visiting cultural things!! She finds irresistible anything that’s creative or a bit strange!


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