Alex Lucas

Alex Lucas

Alex is an Arts Staff Worker based in London art colleges. As a student she studied Textile Design and weaving at Central Saint Martins and has a passion for the arts. She gets excited about space travel and yarns!

She became a Christian when she was young, and as she became older with time she started understanding and grasping the truth that Jesus saves through faith alone, not through what we do - and that is amazing!

Through her time at CU in UAL, she realised how important it is for us to tell our friends about Jesus, rather than keep him to ourselves. She grew a lot thanks to her CU, finding encouragement from fellow Christian creatives through prayer, friendship and seeing that God wants to be involved in our creative practice! She learnt to trust God more too when facing challenges in evangelism and her own work and life.

Alex is so excited to see God's work in the art world. She can't wait to see how God can help emerging Christian artists and designers realise that He is relevant in their practice and that telling their friends about Jesus and his amazing Gospel is eternally meaningful and gives Him glory!

She thinks it's important to as Christians to be visibly different in the way we approach creativity, culture and success among our designer friends, to challenge their world views in love for them.

Alex grew up in Warsaw, Poland and can speak Polish (now with a slight British accent!). She also lived near Manchester before moving to London for her degree. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, checking out exhibitions and other fun things around London with her husband Sam and eating awesome food!

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