Charlotte Downing

Charlotte Downing

Charlotte traded in the hustle and bustle of London in 2011 to study Law at Oxford University.

Having fallen in love with the city of dreaming spires during her time as an undergraduate she decided to stay in Oxford for 2 more years, working with students as a Ministry Apprentice at St Ebbe's Church. Returning to 'The Big Smoke' she has enjoyed revisiting her old stomping grounds and discovering new ones (as well as noting how much bigger and smokier it seems after 5 years in Oxford!)

Charlotte was brought up in a Christian family and put her trust in Jesus in her early teenage years, but it was while running the CU at school that she really grew as a Christian and began to enjoy sharing her faith with those around her.

She loved being a part of the Oxford CU where she developed a real enthusiasm for introducing friends and coursemates to the person of Jesus. Whilst at St Ebbe’s she was known unofficially as "The Events Apprentice", she loved partnering with students to imagine, plan, create and host events for students to bring their friends to.

Gluten and dairy-intolerant, Charlotte is often to be found sadly rejecting large quantities of exciting biscuits and cakes offered to her at events and meetings, instead attempting to defend the 'Free-From' cardboard-like alternative, insisting that 'they're not really too bad'.

Having developed a taste for quirky independent coffee shops in her students days, she is always keen to check out the London coffee scene.

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