Giles Cattermole

Giles Cattermole

As London Team Leader, Giles looks to encourage and equip a great team of staff as they support the Christian Unions in a city with dozens of universities and hundreds of thousands of students.

Giles is keen to see students firmly rooted in their churches, reaching out together for Christ in their universities and colleges. He loves to see students excited by the gospel: loving it, living it and proclaiming it.

Giles has worked in student ministry previously at Highfields Church in Cardiff, and then with Christian Medical Fellowship. He’s passionate about the huge opportunities there are to reach students for Christ, and about the huge potential Christian students have for gospel ministry. Not just now, at university, but for the rest of their lives, throughout the world.

Giles is married to Victoria, and they have four children – Elizabeth, Jemima, Henry and Naomi. They’ve all lived in Cardiff, Hong Kong and Kigali, but they now live in Orpington, where they’re part of Crofton Baptist Church. Giles also continues to work part-time in the emergency department in the local hospital, and in his spare time, when he’s not doing crosswords, loves a bit of medical research or teaching trauma courses. Especially in Africa or South East Asia.


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