Jake Tasker

Jake Tasker

Just before his eighteenth birthday Jake was invited by a friend to consider the claims of Jesus. As he read the eyewitness accounts of Jesus' life and considered his death and resurrection, it became clear to him that this ‘good news’ was true, and it changed everything.

Jake grew up in Oxford, and after two gap years, went off to study at the University of Lincoln. Those university years were incredibly formative for him, as he came to see more and more that following Jesus was so worth it. After graduating, Jake moved to Birmingham to spend a year on the UCCF Relay programme, working with students.

It never crossed Jake’s mind that he might one day live in the beautiful, sunny, capital city of London, but after marrying Lizzy and moving to West Dulwich two years ago, it is most definitely home.

There have been numerous career deliberations for Jake, from policeman to professional golfer! However, two years working as a Chaplaincy Assistant in a school in South London, helping young people to think through all kinds of options and concerns lead Jake to see with greater clarity that what all people need most is to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

Jake is excited to now work with students in South East London, helping them to share the good news about Jesus with their friends, course mates, and fellow students.

Whilst working in a school it also became clear that Jake needed to distinguish himself from the sixth formers... it remains to be seen how long his beard will last. Jake enjoys playing and watching sport, solving practical problems and making often-useless things out of other useless things.

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