Loz Oliphant

Loz Oliphant

Born in London, then university in London, then spending all of his working life in London… Loz has not got very far in life...

However most significantly for Loz, London has been the primary place where he came to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and grow in his relationship with him. It was Christian students in London who helped him to follow Jesus over a decade ago, and Christian students in London have been a part of his life ever since. Loz likes to think of himself as the Peter Pan of the student world but without the ability to fly.

After following Jesus, Loz initially passed the time working for an online media agency before then going to university and serving in CU leadership, working for a Students' Union, volunteering with UCCF as an Associate Staff Worker, volunteering as a University Chaplain and even working full time pastoring students at Christ Church Mayfair as their Student Worker. (Not all at the same time obviously.)

Needless to say, he's now pretty pumped to be getting back out into the field alongside students encouraging them to do all that they can to save as many as they can by proclaiming Jesus. As a student he was deeply thankful for the support of Staff Workers and he hopes he can be a similar blessing to the students of South East London. He's thrilled to be helping students hold out the same glorious gospel that transformed his life.

Alongside loving Jesus, Loz loves his wife (Abi), going to the gym, playing rugby (injuries, time and cuddliness permitting), eating his Mum’s cooking and eating in general. He also seems to have accidentally started a hat collection. Contributions welcome. There are also unconfirmed reports that he can do cartwheels.

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