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JP Wright

JP Wright

JP had the privilege of growing up in the heart of North Yorkshire. Glad to stay in the North for University, he moved up to Durham to study Engineering. After graduating and completing the Relay scheme with UCCF, he spent two years working for a church in the often misunderstood city of Kingston-upon-Hull!

JP grew up in a Christian family and was part of a supportive local Church. Arriving in Durham as a student was both exciting and overwhelming. With the joys and challenges that Uni life brought, JP saw God’s incredible kindness in providing older Christian students through church and CU to encourage him in his walk with Jesus. UCCF was instrumental in serving and supporting him in his own personal evangelism, and his time as a student leader taught him many valuable lessons in humbly trusting God’s good purposes.

Now back in Durham, JP is delighted to have the opportunity to encourage Durham and Teesside CUs in their love for Jesus and in sharing the gospel. He is passionate about films and friends, reading and good coffee. He is a keen photographer and struggling blogger. JP also has a burgeoning desire to be a better cyclist than he currently is.

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