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Chris McBurney

Chris McBurney

Chris headed to university convinced that he had a lot to offer the world as a well driven individual and university would provide a solid platform for him to start showing people what he was capable of. Through cultural experiences, he thought that belief in God was for the weak or those with little understanding of science.

Arriving in Canterbury from a country school in Northern Ireland, he quickly got stuck into the university rugby team and less of his Accounting and Finance course. He was then challenged by a church member out doing mission on his views of Christianity that he had carried over from his cultural understanding in Northern Ireland. After attending a local church in Canterbury alongside an Alpha course he realised that not only was Jesus real, but alive and wanted him to come into a relationship with him through his loving Grace.

This shaped the way Chris approached university and saw him take Jesus into his course and hobbies such as rugby. Gradually growing in faith and love for God, he grew in his desire to share his faith while becoming more and more active in his church.

Chris loves virtually all sports and although an old rugby injury has curtailed his playing days, he still is an avid Ulster and Ireland fan. He enjoys watching most sports and actively cycles and runs and plays golf and badminton.

He's excited to work with the Canterbury Christ Church CU where he went and Kent University CU, where he did Relay. The equipping of students in the gospel of Jesus, encouraging them to live that out and then sharing that with those around them is his passion.

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