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Niv Lobo

Niv Lobo

Niv was convinced as a teenager that God had nothing to offer him, and probably didn’t exist. But while evading work (a special skill), he happened on John’s Gospel, and was bowled over by Jesus.

To keep things convenient, he tried to avoid the implications of what he was reading, but couldn’t keep it up. Instead, he found himself more and more drawn to Jesus’ integrity of character and unmatched compassion. Faced with the fact that Jesus had died and then rose again in history, Niv began trusting Him as his Lord and God. Ever since, he has been discovering more of how rich and expansive God’s love and mercy are, and more of how spectacularly undeserving he is of any of it.

He spent three very enjoyable years reading English at university, where he developed his skills in reading, singing and nap-taking. He continues to enjoy all of these, but the third is where his real talents lie. The undoubted highlight, however, was the opportunity to grow to know and love Jesus more at church, and to share Him with friends through the Christian Union group at his college.

Nothing has been more exciting to him than looking through the Bible with friends, exploring the evidence first hand and seeing them see Jesus for themselves. Two years working for a church in Bournemouth were full of opportunities to do more of that, as well as the privilege of serving a very loving church family in other ways: he is a battle-scarred veteran of the crèche. He left having made some great friends, been stunned by God’s goodness in bringing such different people together in Christ, learned to enjoy cycling and fallen in love with life by the sea.

Niv is convinced that students have unique opportunities to grow in knowing Jesus, and in proclaiming Him to others. He longs to see students more deeply persuaded that the gospel is what we all need, and all that we need. He loves it when those convictions lead people to following Jesus wholeheartedly and unashamedly, seeking to take every thought captive for Him and too amazed by His death and resurrection not to share it with the world.     

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