Current Prayer Points

Current Prayer Points: 14–27 January

‘Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.’

1 Chronicles 16:8

Please join us in reflecting on a great season of student mission, giving thanks to God for all that He has done through CUs and CU leaders.

Sun 14

‘During freshers’ week, SOAS CU helped the Student Union by distributing yearbooks from the JCR, (Junior Common Room), the social hub of their campus. This allowed the CU to interact with hundreds of new students. Praise God for their boldness and pray that this opens doors for them to share the gospel with students.’ – Pete Downing, CU Staff Worker in Central London

Mon 15

Edge Hill CU launched small groups in September after trialling them at the end of last year. Give thanks that the groups were consistently full throughout the first term, serving to enhance the community in a rapidly growing CU. One of the groups has regularly had an unbelieving guest come along, who is now intrigued to hear more about Christianity.

Tue 16

Praise God for Edna* who recently became a Christian. Edna has been regularly attending Roehampton CU meetings for the past year. She recently came to CU saying, ‘Something just clicked; I now understand who Jesus is and why everyone is so excited to talk about Him.’

Wed 17

‘Give thanks for Niamh*, who first met Leeds University CU last year at a lunchbar. She became interested in Christianity, met up with a CU member to ask further questions and then began attending a church in Leeds. We recently heard that she’s getting baptised in the New Year!’ – Lizzie Fry, CU Staff Worker  in Bradford and Leeds

Thu 18

Give thanks for the growth of the UCCF Science Network across the country. Thank God for student-led events that equip science students to be confident in sharing the gospel in their contexts, as well as events that proclaim Christ in the science faculties.

Fri 19

In September, Hertfordshire CU hosted their first lunchbar in a number of years, where they were looking at the evidence for the resurrection. Give thanks for the 20 unbelieving guests who attended and heard a clear gospel presentation.

Sat 20

At the beginning of the academic year, low membership meant that it was doubtful whether a CU at UWS-Paisley would still exist. Despite this, a couple of faithful students organised a stall at the freshers’ fair, where they connected with many students. Praise God that since then around 20 students have been regularly attending the weekly CU meetings throughout the term.

Sun 21

Crispin* came to Chichester University as an unbeliever. After attending the CU’s Story mission week, he started attending church regularly and getting involved in CU events. Give thanks that he has now given his life to Christ!

Mon 22

‘During the last term, a number of students from South Bank University got in touch to see if it might be possible to re-establish a CU. We’ve since met a couple of times and even ran a Text-a-Toastie in November. Please pray for more students to get involved and for this small group of students to be bold.’ – Jake Tasker, CU Staff Worker in South East London

Tue 23

Give thanks for UCCF Politics Network events that are taking place in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Edinburgh. Praise God for Christian students who are working together to bring positive changes to university life through Student Unions and who aspire to be Christian politicians in the future.

Wed 24

‘Give thanks for Heriot Watt CU who warmly welcomed a non-Christian called Richie* to their meeting during freshers’ week. Richie has since been going to church and has been reading the Bible with members of the CU. Do pray that Richie would accept Christ as his saviour.’ – Scott Hamilton, CU Staff Worker in Edinburgh

Thu 25

‘Adam* attended Reading CU’s main meeting after receiving a flyer. He was blown away by the story of the prodigal son, despite describing himself as an atheist. He is now a regular attendee of the CU and their follow-up course, even participating in outreach events. Please pray that Adam would meet Jesus for himself.’ – Peter Harris, CU Staff Worker in Reading and Surrey

Fri 26

‘Praise God for Roger* who came to faith through the CU’s follow-up course after last year’s Cardiff CU city-wide mission. Roger has been particularly proactive in inviting his friends to outreach events this year. Praise God that mission transforms, then commissions disciples!’ – Sam Liu, CU Staff Worker in Cardiff

Sat 27

‘For a number of years, many people have been faithfully praying for the University of Chester, Warrington campus. In the past, despite a consistent presence at the freshers’ fair, we have been unable to gather enough students to start a CU. However, this year we have met with five students who are all interested in getting involved. Wonderfully, we’ve since been reading Uncover together and are even planning outreach events. Praise God!’ – Sarah Oliver, CU Staff Worker in Liverpool and Chester

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