Current Prayer Points

Current Prayer Points: 21 October - 3 November
Ongoing Evangelism

‘You will be his witness to all people of what you have seen and heard.’ - Acts 22:15

Up and down the country, CUs are holding a number of events designed to share the gospel with students on campus. Praise God for their ongoing commitment to evangelism. Please join us in praying that the CUs would have a visible witness on campus this term, and that many students would hear and respond to the gospel.

SUN 21 Trinity Laban CU are focusing on their first-contact evangelism this term, as well as holding a few, high-quality evening events. As two of their three leaders have now graduated, pray that the CU would still maintain their high level of enthusiasm for mission. Pray that God would give them increasing boldness in evangelism.

MON 22 The University of Nottingham Sutton Bonnington CU are looking to introduce lunchtime outreach events, where students will discuss Christianity over a free lunch. Pray that this will be well received and a regular opportunity to share the gospel.

TUE 23 Theology Network groups in Edinburgh, Oxford and St Andrews are holding evangelistic lunchbars this term. Pray that students would have the courage to invite coursemates along and make the most of each opportunity to speak of Jesus.

WED 24 ‘Pray for Caledonian CU to make the best use of their evangelistic ‘tea and coffee’ stall this term, especially in the lead up to their bigger events. Pray that the CU would see the stall as an integral part of reaching out to those they don’t have personal connections with and that they would be bold in starting conversations.’ – Simon Attwood, CUSW in Glasgow

THU 25 This term, Southampton CU are hosting their usual schedule of evangelistic events. Every week they run an international café, Science Network meetings and nightclub outreach. Give thanks for these opportunities to share the gospel and pray that CU members would be eager to be involved.

FRI 26 Today, a number of CUs in Wales are going on a joint weekend away. Pray that this would be an encouraging time of Bible teaching and training, and that they would return to campus ready to take part in outreach this term.

SAT 27 Please pray for the University of Gloucestershire CU; spread across four different campuses, it can be difficult to host their monthly evangelistic events. Pray that they will be able to overcome logistical challenges, relying on God’s provision in all things.

SUN 28 Praise God for the evening discussion events that Norwich University of the Arts CU run every month, where unbelieving students discuss different topics and Bible passages over a meal. Pray that CU members would keep inviting their friends and that those who come would be compelled to think deeply about the gospel.

MON 29 Give thanks for the two evangelistic acoustic evenings and regular lunchbars that the University of East Anglia CU are holding this term. Pray that CU members would deepen their relationships with their unbelieving friends through these events, and that unbelievers would both hear and respond to the gospel.

TUE 30 Each Monday night, the University of Sussex CU rotates between three evangelistic events: an Uncover night, a ‘Text-a-Toastie’ evening, and a ‘Big Question’ event. Do pray that each of these evenings would reach unbelieving students with the gospel.

WED 31 Huddersfield CU have launched a new pattern of regular evangelism this term, with an ‘events day’ every six weeks, which includes a morning prayer meeting, first-contact evangelism and an evening outreach event. Today is the first ‘events day’ of the term – pray that unbelieving students would be willing to discuss what they believe, and that the Spirit would prompt them to keep seeking after Christ.

THU 1 The University of Birmingham CU are in the middle of a busy term of evangelism, running prayer breakfasts, ‘Real Question’ outreach events and weekly Bible studies for seekers. Pray that all they do would be centred on the cross of Christ, and that they’d be united in their efforts to tell their friends about the gospel.

FRI 2 Give thanks for the small groups of Strathclyde CU members that meet in the various halls of residence. Pray that the events these groups run would attract a high number of seeking first-year students, and that these would complement the main CU events.

SAT 3 After the success of their ‘games nights’ last term, Roehampton CU (in London) are hoping to run them once a fortnight this term. At each event, students will have a chance to play games, listen to a 10-minute talk and discuss a key topic of faith. Do pray that these events would lead to discussions about Jesus and eternal life that can be found only in Him.

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