Current Prayer Points

Current Prayer Points: 2 - 22 December

‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’ - Hebrews 4:12

The end of the summer saw Uncover Mark (a hardback copy of Marks’ Gospel with accompanying Bible studies) launched at Forum, UCCF’s national training conference. Since then, the CUs have been using this new resource in mission. Let’s pray that CU members would have many opportunities to read Mark’s Gospel with their peers.

SUN 2 Thanks to an Uncover training evening in a local café, Exeter CU’s use of Uncover has grown this year, with many more students seeking to read it with their friends. As first-year students meet to read Uncover Mark in their halls of residence, do pray that they would be strengthened in their love for the Lord and excited for evangelism.

MON 3 Pray that Theology Network groups across the country would be able to use Uncover Mark effectively, as they make plans to reach out to theology students with the gospel. Pray that it would help challenge key theological objections to Christianity and that students would be confident in the power of God’s Word.

TUE 4 Aberystwyth CU committee introduced the wider CU to Uncover Mark during their weekend away in the autumn and are now reading through it together in their main meetings. Pray that CU members would take opportunities to use this resource one-to-one with their friends.

WED 5 The University of York CU are using Uncover Mark for all of their college groupBible studies in the autumn term. Do pray that every student involved will become familiar with the studies, and that their confidence to read the Bible with unbelieving friends would grow.

THU 6 On 24 November, Dundee CU launched Uncover Mark at their CU weekend away. Since then, they have encouraged CU members to read it with their friends and made plans to perform The Mark Drama, a dramatic re-telling of Mark’s Gospel. Pray that the CU will be able to find a full cast of students to act and that, as they watch this performance, unbelievers would be compelled to find out more about Jesus.

FRI 7 As members of Liverpool Hope CU seek to use Uncover Mark in their personal evangelism this term, pray that they would have boldness to ask their friends to read it. Pray that the unbelieving students reading Mark’s Gospel would be convicted of their need for Jesus and trust in Him.

SAT 8 Pray that members of Chichester CU would feel equipped to read Uncover Mark with their friends this term, as they study it together in their main meetings. Praise God for their eagerness to share Christ on campus and pray that their plans to perform The Mark Drama during their February mission would come to fruition.

SUN 9 Birmingham City CU are keen to use Uncover Mark in their evangelism this year; do pray that each member would have boldness to read the Bible with an unbelieving friend and would have opportunities to share Christ with their peers.

MON 10 Wonderfully, Swansea CU saw a number of students reading the Bible through Uncover John last term. Laura* annotated the entire book and used it to chat through Christianity with her friends, while Sam* met with his friend from the CU to read through it. Pray that this interest would not wain but that these students would enter into new life with Christ.

TUE 11 University College London CU launched Uncover Mark during their weekend away at the beginning of the term and will run a series on Mark’s Gospel in their main meetings next term. As the CU study God’s Word together, do pray that they each grow in their confidence to open the Bible with their peers and coursemates.

WED 12 On 16 October, Salford CU and Manchester Metropolitan University CU launched Uncover Mark and are encouraging their members to read it with their friends. Please join us in praying for good conversations across the city and for the Lord to be at work through His Word in the hearts of unbelieving students.

THU 13 ‘This term, pray that Uncover Mark wouldn’t just be another evangelistic strategy, but that Sheffield CU members would grasp the excitement of being able to hand their friends the Word of God. Pray that Jesus would transform many lives in Sheffield University.’ – Katie Shaw, CUSW in Sheffield

FRI 14 King’s College London Strand CU spent the first few weeks of this term understanding Uncover Mark as an evangelistic resource. Pray that they would have opportunities to read it with friends, either one-to-one or in a group setting.

SAT 15 As Bedford CU read through Uncover Mark together in their main meetings, pray that CU members would grasp the power that God’s Word has to change lives. Pray that they would have the courage and boldness to share the good news about Jesus with friends, flat mates and coursemates.

SUN 16 Give thanks that a number of St Andrew CU members read Uncover John with their peers last term. As each CU member is given two copies of Uncover Mark this term, do pray that they would each take up the challenge of reading it with an unbelieving friend.

MON 17 Keele CU will use Uncover Mark in their seeker groups this term, inviting unbelieving students to open the Bible and ask questions about Christianity. Pray that many of students would attend and come to repentance and faith.

TUE 18 As they read through Uncover John last year, Sheffield Hallam CU grew in confidence in asking their friends to read the Bible with them. Pray that this momentum would not be lost, but instead would lead to CU members boldly inviting peers to open Uncover Mark together.

WED 19 Winchester CU have started a weekly Uncover Bible study this year, where unbelieving students are invited to read Mark’s Gospel. Give thanks for the initiative of the CU and pray that those who attend have open and honest discussions that lead them to seriously consider turning to the Lord. Pray that many would be convicted by God’s life-changing Word and give their lives to Christ.

THU 20 Marjon CU in Plymouth are working through Uncover Mark in their main meetings. They are publicising these meetings across the University to give unbelievers the opportunity to read the Bible for themselves. Pray that the CU would see many students attend and be able to persuasively present the good news of the gospel.

FRI 21 ‘As we launch Uncover Mark this term, pray that Luton CU would grasp how powerful and accessible it is and would want to read through it with their unbelieving friends.’ – Mike Hood, CUSW in Cambridge and Bedfordshire

SAT 22 Buxton CU are meeting together regularly to read through Uncover Mark and to pray for opportunities to open the Bible with their friends. Pray that their unbelieving peers and coursemates would be eager to read it and that their hearts would be softened to the good news of the gospel.

*denotes name has been changed

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