Pray for our new staff

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed 18 new members of staff, including 13 new Staff Workers and two new Team Leaders  to continue the gospel ministry across Great Britain.

God has been gracious in giving us a new cohort of mission-minded staff to help make disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world. Join us in praying for them as they settle into their new roles.

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Our new starters are:

Alex Hanna in Aberdeen & Inverness

Naomi Hollands in Brunel & Hertfordshire

JP Wright as Central Team Leader

Tom Widdowson in Durham

Amy Conway & Esther Dickson in Edinburgh

Leonie Dorland in Exeter

Jemima Howell in Leicester & Loughborough

Alexios Andriopoulos in Manchester

Jake Glover in Oxford

Laurence Oliphant (known as Loz) in South East London

Emily Brown in St Andrews

Peter Harris as Wales Team Leader

Dewi Jones in Cardiff with Arts students

Emma Joseph as London Team Projects & Events Co-ordinator

Anja Lijcklama à Nijeholt as Strategic Research Associate

Emma Nicholls as Science Network Co-ordinator

Want to hear more from our new staff and how you can pray for them?

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