Link Up to a CU

1. Tell us about them...

First, give us the details of the person you're linking up.

We also need a few details about you, so we can tell them who linked them up.

2. About their University

Please tell us where the person is going to study, so we can link them up with the Christian Union there. If they're not 100% sure yet, they'll be able to come back and update it later.

We will pass this person's name and email address to a representative of the CU at this university so they can tell them about what's going on in Freshers' week, how you they get involved in the CU and help them find a local church.

Please do check with the person you are linking up that they are happy for their details to be passed to us in this way.

3. Give them a Starting Uni Gospel

Uncover Starting Uni EditionThe Uncover - Starting Uni Edition of Luke's gospel features specific resources for new students, such as how to find a church, how to link up with a Christian Union and a Bible reading plan for their first term. There's even a dedication page for you to write a special note of encouragement.

The hardback Uncover - Starting Uni Edition is the perfect gift to give to your school leaver and is available for £2.50 + postage.


Other resources