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Mark’s gospel is full of snapshots, as Jesus the Son of God interacts with a huge variety of human beings. We read of all kinds of events, all kinds of teaching, and all kinds of responses to this remarkable man. As Mark writes, he forces his readers to explore, engage, and decide for themselves what to do with Jesus.

These songs are written with the intention of helping ordinary people – people of all kinds of backgrounds, beliefs, and Bible literacy – to engage more easily with the characters and content of this gospel. Each is written as its own snapshot – inspired by one of Mark’s originals. You can read and explore the various details and nuances of this for yourself as you go.

I hope that these songs enable you to see more of who Jesus really is for yourself, and to share that huge truth more easily with others around you – and that you enjoy playing them too!

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Using the songs

Feel free to print the music/chords out to use, but please don’t otherwise reproduce the music or lyrics without my permission, for example by posting elsewhere online. If someone else wants to get the songs, send them straight here.


I wrote these songs in anticipation that they will be taken and resculpted by other talented musicians. Why not experiment with different styles? Or you could change a chord or two… maybe even a dodgy lyric. How about replacing the bridge with a gritty rap? It’s your call...

If you’re able, send me a video/recording of your own version. I’d love to hear them!

Download the music and let us know how you get on!

For a full list of songs, and brief suggestions of themes for each, check out the 'Start Here' document in the download folder. 

Joe Smith, UCCF Music Staff Worker

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