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The Mark Drama

The Mark Drama is a dramatic presentation of Mark’s Gospel performed by CU members. Performed in the round, a Mark Drama performance lasts for 90 minutes.  The script is almost the whole of Mark’s Gospel word for word. 

The Mark Drama is being used by CUs all over the world to powerful evangelistic effect.It delivers a lost cost, highly effective and dramatic retelling of Mark’s account that engages the audience in a powerful way.  The Mark Drama provides a natural opportunity to invite friends to study Mark using the seeker studies in Uncover Mark.

Want to put on a production? All you'll need is 15 CU members to make up the cast, plus a producer. We'll provide a fully trained Mark Drama Director free of charge to CUs that wish to stage a production.

Read our 'Making the most of the Mark Drama' booklet for everything you need to know to get started. 

Download the booklet

Download the Uncover Mark design pack, including publicity templates for your production of the Mark Drama. 

Watch Andrew Page, the creator of the Mark Drama, describe the production. 

Watch Callom, a Mark Drama Director, describe the process of putting on a production. 

Watch Gez, a student who played Jesus in the Mark Drama, talk about his experience.

Watch Joe, a Relay Worker who produced the Mark Drama in London, share what it takes to put on a production. 

Read an interview with a student, Charlie, who acted in his church's production of the Mark Drama. 

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