Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

UCCF have partnered with Saltmine Theatre Company to present Darkness Falls, a dramatic retelling of John’s Gospel, which provides an ideal introduction to Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies.

Moving, funny, poetic and fantastical, the play mixes vivid storytelling with beautiful live music to bring you a timeless story as you’ve never seen it before.

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'A refreshing, different and original production that captured its biblical origins, yet enabled a reframing of them in a renewed, contemporary and relatable context. An enjoyable watch that left me with an entirely different outlook and understanding on a gospel that I was barely familiar with before seeing this show.'

Genevive Cox, Varsity magazine, Cambridge University Read more.

‘Even as a non-Christian, the dramatization of the gospel of John was incredibly gripping. It was completely different to any other production I have seen, using one set and just five cast members to weave in and out of various character representations both within the Gospel itself and in the “real” setting of a labour camp.’

Laura Cox, The Yorker. Read more.

‘Powerful and poetic words were obvious but it is an uncomfortable play at times, as all good art should be. The audience cannot leave unaffected and the moving realisations of each of the characters captures humanity at its most vulnerable. ‘

Wilson Weaver, student and CU member
at Liverpool University. Read more.

Touring in 2018

The 2018 tour runs from 10 – 24 March.  Dates are still available to book via the Saltmine website.

Minimum suggested donation - £1,300 + travel donation (based on mileage)

This books a team of six professionals including a technician, includes use of Saltmine’s technical equipment and publicity for your performance.  Bookers are welcome to set their own ticket prices.

Please note that the performance is suitable for age 12 and upwards.


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