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Planning for Uncover John

Prepare for launching Uncover John on campus. Be encouraged that as your non-Christian friends and acquaintances start to encounter Jesus in the studies, videos and website, other aspects of evangelism (such as lunchbars and missions) will be more effective.

It’s not complicated, even though you might feel weak. Looking at John’s Gospel with a friend is simple and relational, and the Uncover John Gospels give you all you need to have a go. How can this dream become a reality at your uni?

What can you do next?

  1. Work with your CU Staff Worker to prepare for the launch of Uncover John in your CU.
  2. Decide together how many Uncover John Gospels you’ll need as part of your evangelism strategy. Use the order form to help.
  3. Agree a CU member who will take responsibility and be the point person who knows how many copies of Uncover John Gospels your CU has.
  4. Go to www.uccf.org.uk/uncover and order your Uncover John Gospels.
  5. Pray for God’s provision of all that you need to make Jesus’ name famous in your uni.

Uncover John is going to happen throughout Britain, first in universities (and then through churches after Easter*). Be part of the next generation of Christians who will help their friends encounter Jesus with Uncover John.

*To honour intent of our generous donors, these copies of Uncover John are for CU use only. Do not give them to churches to use.


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