Uncover resources

Uncover Resources

Uncover is a suite of resources from UCCF: The Christian Unions to help you and your friends meet Jesus through the Gospels.

All of the Uncover printed resources are available from our partners at IVP books.


These hardback, interactive copies of Mark, Luke and John’s Gospel have space for personal notes and reflections, and an array of online options along the way. The Gospels help us examine the evidence by exploring the source text for ourselves. Uncover Mark and Uncover John Gospels also include seeker Bible study questions for discussion. Uncover Gospels make a great gift.

The Uncover Luke Gospels contain the Gospel text and are designed to be used in conjunction with Uncover Luke seeker Bible studies. The Uncover John Gospels and Uncover Mark Gospels contain seeker Bible studies within the book. 

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Uncover seeker Bible study guides take you through key episodes in Luke, John and Mark's biographies of Jesus, looking at the vital pieces of evidence they present. They help you piece together what the Gospel writers say about Jesus’ life and purpose and along the way address a range of common questions about life and Christianity. Use these in a one-to-one or small group setting.

Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies and Uncover Luke Seeker Bible Studies are available from IVP Books. 

We also have six follow-on studies for Uncover John available to download for free.

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A wealth of online resources to help seekers engage with the narrative of the Gospels are found at www.uncover.org.uk, including videos relating to each of the Seeker Bible Studies, apologetic material and the full Gospel texts.

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