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Why use Uncover?

Uncover is very simple to use. The studies are written so that both Christians and those who are seeking discover Jesus together.

This attractive and interactive resource is filled with historical context and answers to many of the big questions our friends ask.

Unlike many seeker courses Uncover is a resource which can be used anywhere, at any time and with anyone. It doesn’t require any advanced preparation or specialist knowledge.

Uncover was born out of four core beliefs:

  1. God speaks through His Word by His Spirit about His Son and the life He offers
  2. Evangelism is relational
  3. Evangelism is a process
  4. God uses ordinary people

Since its launch, Uncover has been translated into more than 20 languages and used in a variety of contexts such as churches, schools, universities and the British Armed Forces. 260,000 Gospels and 115,000 Seeker Bible Studies have been distributed.

In a recent survey (Ed Stetzer, How Unbelievers View the Church, 2009), when asked if they would be willing to read the Bible with a friend if asked, 2 in 5 people aged 30 and above said ‘Yes’, as did 61% of 20-somethings.

Who will you invite to discover Jesus with you through Uncover?

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