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Fearghal Kelly

Fearghal Kelly

Fearghal became a Christian after going to a local gig as a teenager. Between songs, the lead singer shared the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection, with the invitation to become ‘a friend of the Creator of the Universe’.

These words captivated Fearghal, and after that night he began reading the gospels for himself to discover the real Jesus.

Fearghal came to Portsmouth to study psychology, taking advantage of the sunny seafront beach, indie coffee shops, and clubbing scene. During his time hanging out in student halls, he took it as a chance to learn what it means to live and speak for Jesus in everyday uni life.

Enticed by the offer of free pizza, Fearghal decided to go along and find out about the CU. He got stuck in as soon as he heard the CU’s vision: to give every student on campus an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through his time as CU president, he experienced the joy of seeing friends and others come to know Jesus for themselves.

After graduating, Fearghal stayed in Portsmouth, getting involved with leading the student work at his church. He got a job working in the motor industry, helping car manufacturers improve customer communication. Meanwhile, he worked with Portsmouth CU as an Associate Staff Worker, getting involved with UCCF’s local support in the area. If you want to find him, he’ll be found in speciality coffee shops in the city (especially if they’re serving Ethiopian single-origin on Aeropress) to read theology, meet students, or update his Instagram.

He’s so excited to be working as a Staff Worker with two wonderful south-coast CUs in Portsmouth and Chichester, who both have big visions to introduce students to Jesus. His desire is to see students confident in the wonder and truth of the gospel, that Jesus really is the best news for their campus. He loves teaching the bible, digging deep into the treasures of Christ… especially with people reading it for the first time!

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