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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we are often asked about Relay.

What do Relay workers actually do?!

It's often easy to see what people do when they're up front, but that's not always the whole picture. The pattern and rhythm of university life is already familiar to you and easy to adjust to. The working week is flexible to allow for late nights at the union and days off in lieu of working weekends.

The Relay year is so named because we invest in you as a Relay worker so that you can 'relay' what you've learned to others. So a significant part of your week is learning, being trained, and having UCCF staff and teams invest in you and your ministry. Another significant part of the week is for you to invest in CU life, students (Christian and non-Christians), CU leaders and members. Supporting the CU ministry to fulfil the aim to give every student an opportunity to hear the wonderful gospel of Christ is a crucial role.

Will I be able to do Relay with my current Christian Union?

Some Relay workers stay and do Relay in the universities they were involved with, some stay in the same city but work with other Christian Unions and some move to new places.  There are lots of benefits to staying in the same place and lots of advantages to experiencing a different CU in a new city. Throughout the application process we always aim to place people in situations that will suit their particular gifts and experiences.

If you are very keen to do Relay in a particular CU or city then we strongly recommend you apply in the first round of applications which takes place in the Autumn term as places may fill up.

Will Relay stop me from being involved with local church?

Church is vital to Christian life – without it we cannot live; removing ourselves from church is lethal.  Being a Relay worker doesn't demand a split allegiance – it's not 'do Relay or be a good church member'. Actually, Relay workers are mainly seen by churches as their mission partners – sent by the church to a crucial mission field that they cannot reach, but want to pray for and support so you can do it!

All Relay workers are required to be active members of their local churches and while Relay workers timetables can be flexible, we actively encourage you to protect time to spend serving and enjoying your local church family.

How can I afford it?  I'm already in so much debt!

Being responsible without debts is just as important as being responsible with our money (when we have it).  We do not expect you to go into more debt by doing Relay. However, by partnering with people and trusting God to provide, there is no limit to what God can supply for you – no higher limit to your income!

It can be a real privilege to demonstrate a living trust in the God who 'richly supplies all we need for our enjoyment'. We will support you through every step of raising finances and the Relay track record speaks for itself: no-one has ever had to stop doing Relay due to lack of finances.

Have a chat with your CU Staff Worker, or find out how to apply.


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